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Resveratrol Powder 99% Purity – 60g

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Premium European trans-Resveratrol Powder from Longevitate

Experience the purity of our European trans-resveratrol powder, boasting a remarkable 98% purity, often reaching up to 99%. Sourced from top-tier European fermentation processes, our resveratrol stands out in quality and efficacy.

Why Choose Longevitate’s Resveratrol?

  • Shipped from EU: Full compliance with stringent EU regulations.
  • Purity: Free from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), ensuring a safe and pure product.
  • Unique Production: Our resveratrol is distinctively produced through fermentation, setting it apart from other market offerings.
  • Source: Derived from a microbial source, ensuring its trans-resveratrol authenticity.
  • Safety: Approved by the European Food Safety Authority for consumption up to 500 mg/day.
  • Research-Backed: Supported by over 12,000 published studies, including 170 human clinical trials.

Taste the Difference: Unlike other resveratrol products that may have a chemical or unfamiliar taste, ours is clean and pure. You’ll immediately notice the absence of any off flavours.

Avoid the Risks: Many resveratrol products are sourced from China, derived from Japanese Knotweed, posing potential contamination risks with PAHs, which have carcinogenic properties. Our product is neither polygonum resveratrol from China nor synthetic resveratrol from India.

Detailed Information: For in-depth details, refer to the batch number on your package and cross-check its certificate of analysis in the product’s main category section.

Packaging Excellence: Our resveratrol is packaged with care in top-quality food-grade materials. Every order is conveniently divided into 30-gram packages, allowing you to access a fresh supply every couple of months.

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