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Analysis Batch LPN2505A COA latest, 99.8%

Assay is crucial alongside purity in NMN testing. Even with a 100% purity result, an assay reveals the actual NMN content. For instance, if purity is 100% and assay is 20%, it indicates a mix of 20% pure NMN and 80% other powders (like salt or sugar).

Additionally, verifying β-NMN is vital, as other NMN forms don’t offer the same benefits.

Nameβ- nicotinamide mononucleotide (β-NMN)
AppearanceWhite powder
Life Powders Batch NumberLPN2505A
ExpiryEnd May 2025
Density0.34 to 0.35 g/ml
LeadNot Detected
ArsenicNot Detected
CadmiumNot Detected
MercuryNot Detected
Total microbial countLess than 10 CFU/g
ColiformLess than 3 MPN/g
Yeast / mouldLess that 10 CFU/g
AflatoxinsAbsent / Not detected
SalmonellaAbsent / Not detected
Escherichia coliAbsent / Not detected
StaphylococcusAbsent / Not detected
MethanolAbsent / Not detected
Ethanol38 ppm (0.0038%)
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