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I believe that aging is a disease. I believe it is treatable. I believe we can treat it within our lifetimes. And in doing so, I believe, everything we know about human health will be fundamentally changed.

Dr. David Sinclair

Full Enzymatic NMN or One-Step Enzymatic NMN?

Understanding NMN: A Simple Breakdown of Full Enzymatic vs. One-Step Methods

NMN comes in two main types – Full Enzymatic and One-Step Enzymatic. But what does that mean for you? 

Our NMN undergoes a meticulous enzymatic process, ensuring unparalleled purity in every batch. By leveraging the full enzymatic method, we achieve NMN of the highest caliber, free from impurities and additives. Check out more on full v’s one-step enzymatic NMN.

full enzymatic NMN versus One-step enzymatic NMN
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